WEIGHSYSTEM is designed to control waste or product received at or despatched from a transfer station, landfill site or quarry.

Direct linking

Sites with a weighbridge installed can read straight into WEIGHSYSTEM, minimising data entry mistypes. Not got a weighbridge at your site? It’s also quick to enter weights into WEIGHSYSTEM manually.

Quick quoting

Create quotes for your customers and transform them into printable tickets. Each customer can have multiple quotes and price lists. Products, waste types and charges are all carried across onto tickets from the price list, minimising input errors.

Flexible ticketing

WEIGHSYSTEM is able to store detailed information on each of your customers. This includes even driver and vehicle details. You can locate a customer record from an incoming vehicle registration alone and quickly add new registrations. Record signatures electronically for ticket reprints.

Tickets can be created for tipping and charged by weight, load or cubic metres. You can also despatch product or waste out to charge by load as well as weight. Tickets for charging by load or metre can also have weights entered for your own records.

Generate invoices directly in WEIGHSYSTEM, no need to rely on third party systems.

Comprehensive reporting

WEIGHSYSTEM generates reports to Environment Agency and Local Authority requirements, along with a wealth of other useful management reports. These can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel as standard. There are also daily reporting options to report on your weighbridge operations as they happen, as well at the close of business.

SKIPHIRE integration

When used in conjunction with SKIPHIRE, weights and ticket numbers can be transferred and customer data shared across applications. Your own skips are controlled and handled separately from other companies tipping at your site.

For more information and to find out how WEIGHSYSTEM can benefit your business, please get in touch.

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