SKIPHIRE records details for all types of skips including RORO (Roll On, Roll Off), FEL (Front End Loader) and REL (Rear End Loader) quickly and easily.

Save time

SKIPHIRE is optimised using workflow techniques developed from our engineering and steel fabrication software. Everything has been designed to reduce the amount of data entry time. Entering a new service takes just three clicks, while postcode lookup automatically completes addresses for you.

Filter intelligently

SKIPHIRE makes it just as easy to retrieve your data too. Perform queries on almost every field in the database and create custom filters to return data that’s relevant to you.

Keep tabs

Credit control for pro-forma customers not on a monthly account is fully supported. SKIPHIRE also handles permits and will automatically calculate the permit charges.

Master scheduling

The skip hire scheduling or ‘rounds’ function is simple to set up and completely automatic in practice. Move jobs from one round to another without worrying. The printed round includes full details including cash due where applicable. Tickets are printed in order of the round, no manual sorting required.

Comprehensive reporting

Generate a range of reports from sales summaries to Environment Agency requirements. Reports include both quick summaries and detailed totals where applicable. All waste management and recycling reports in SKIPHIRE can printed, viewed on screen, or be exported to Word and Excel.

Share data

SKIPHIRE integrates seamlessly with WEIGHSYSTEM, giving shared access to customer data whilst keeping the individual business areas separate. Invoices can be generated and exported in CSV format and imported into accounting software, such as Sage.

For more information and to find out how SKIPHIRE can benefit your business, please get in touch.

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